Ice Accumulation

Ice Accumulating in Drain Pan

Is drain line plugged?Drain line pluggedClean drain line
Is drain line heater working?Defective drain line heaterReplace drain line heater
Is unit properly pitched? Will water run to drain?Unit not pitched properlyAdjust until water drains
How long are defrost cycles?Defrost cycle is too shortIncrease defrost cycle duration


Ice Accumulating on Ceiling around Evaporator and/or Fans, Guards, or Venturi

How long are defrost cycles?Defrost cycle is too longDecrease frost cycle duration
How many defrost cycles per day?Too many defrost cycles per dayDecrease number of frost cycles per day
Is fan delay defective?Defective fan delayReplace fan delay
Is defrost timer defective?Defective defrost timerReplace defrost timer