Evaporator Fans

Evaporator Fans Will Not Operate

Have you checked the wiring connections?Loose wiringCheck all wire junctions. Tighten all terminal screws
Have you checked the wiring?Improperly wiredCheck wiring against diagram. Make changes as necessary
Have you checked the voltage and amperage to motor?Low voltage or amperageIncrease voltage and/or amperage to nameplate specifications
Is unit in defrost?Unit in defrost. Only air defrost models continue to run. Fans do not run with electric defrost models while in defrostNone. Wait for completion of defrost cycle
How cold does coil become?Coil does not become cold enough to reset fan delayAdjust box thermostat. Adjust or replace fan delay
Is fan delay defective?Defective fan delayReplace fan delay
Is motor defective?Defective motorReplace motor
Is defrost timer defective?Defrost timer defectiveReplace defrost timer