ArcticFox™ - Total Cooling Control

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Total Cooling Control

Electronic walk-in refrigeration control with the 120° ambient advantage

  • Tru-Dmnd™defrost initiates defrost cycles only when the defrost is needed.
    • Arctic Fox PanelAvoids up to 93% of standard system defrost cycles and up to 12% fewer cycles than a "smart defrost" control.
  • 120° ambient refrigeration design maximizes performance range on the hottest days.
  • Programmable light control turns on the light when the door is opened and turns off at the desired time.  No more lights left on.
  • Door ajar alarm
  • User interface can be located remotely in a manager's office.
  • CAT 5 cable connectivity for ease of installation.
  • Diagnostic functionality for tracking usage, temperature variations, door opening duration and more.
  • Controls the door heater cycles for further energy savings.
  • Fewer defrost cycles improves temperature stability in the box and a safer environment for the contents within.
  • Self-adjusting defrost cycles means no need for seasonal adjustments.
  • System pays for itself in less than two years*!
  • Eliminates the need for other accessories/components including: Light switches, Motion detectors, Alarms, Digital or dial thermometers, Secondary  refrigeration controls, Defrost time clocks, Fan delay switches, Defrost termination switch, Programmable light control (when included), Door ajar alarm (when included).

For more information on ArcticFox™ or how to have this total control solution, please contact RDI Systems.

*overall savings will depend on refrigeration sizing